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Upscale 2017

About Upscale

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Outstanding talent and creativity is vested in our African designers and micro/small businesses.  Growing these businesses into brands is seldom easy, but the growth of our fashion industry is inextricably linked with the development of these micro enterprises.  ACTIF launched our Project Upscale competition at last year’s Origin Africa event to identify and reward designers with the ambition, and desire (and of course the talent) to Upscale.  The growth and success of all our winners has inspired us and we proudly launch Origin Africa Upscale – nurturing our micro and small business is not a project, it’s an ongoing initiative. 

Origin Africa Upscale provides micro and small creative industries (our African Designers) an increasing range of services.  Our first technical workshop will be launched during Origin Africa 2017 and attendance will be free for all Upscale exhibitors, who are also afforded the opportunity to showcase and network with the formal sector.

Support for and guidance in developing Origin Africa Upscale is provided through our Upscale Ambassadors, remarkable young, talented people, willing to give their time and expertise for the benefit of others.