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Origin Africa 2016
Origin Africa 2016: Changing Perceptions, Building Synergies, Doing Business


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Day 1: Thursday 3rd Nov 2016
16.00 – 18.00

Seminar 1 : Implications for Trade during Changing Political Conditions

  This session focused on some recent and impending developments likely to impact on current textile and apparel trade. This included BREXIT, Imminent change in US Administration, and COMESA-EAC-SADC Tri-Partite. Key issues to be addressed: Impact on growth and investment; and Policy actions that should be undertaken by African Governments in response to the complex perspectives.

Mr. Paul Ryberg
Africa Coalition for Trade

Paul Ryberg

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H.E. Timothy Smart
U.K. Ambassador to Madagascar



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Dr Mangeni Director of Trade,
Customs and Monetary Affairs,

Dr. Mageni

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Matthijs Crietee, Secretary General, IAF


Matthijs Crietee

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Day 2: Friday 4th Nov 2016

08.00 – 10.00

Seminar 2: Building a Ready to Wear Brand for International Markets

  In today’s global economy, scaling a brand for international markets is a very feasible strategy, but of course, easier said than done.  Ready to wear brands should look at the different marketing angles as well as the individual market adaptations necessary to be impressionable and competitive in order to build a successful brand in foreign markets. This session covered practical steps that can be adopted by fashion and textile SMEs to expand and target opportunities abroad.

  Mercedes Gonzalez


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16.00 – 17.30

Seminar 3 :Social Compliance as a Global Sourcing Imperative

  This was a roundtable discussion with African and International specialists to share perspectives on how social compliance has become a sourcing imperative. It has long been true that if a supplier wants to sell to a customer, there are certain conditions (price, quantity, and lead time) that must be met before that sale can take place. While these pre-conditions continue to be just as important today as ever, in recent years, social compliance has been added to that sourcing imperative mix. This session covered the role of suppliers and buyers (brands and retailers) in abiding by the principles of ethical sourcing.

Clay Hickson

Clay Hickson

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Finn Holm-Olsen
Director, Trade Promotion & AGOA, USAID (EATIH)

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Tedros Berhe Esport Market Head, Almeda Textile Plc

Ashtee S. Ramsurrun
HR Officer, Floreal Knitwear


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 Johary Rajosefa
Director of Investor Services, Economic Development Board of Madagascar (EDBM)



Day 3: Saturday 5th Nov 2016

08.00 – 09.30  Seminar 4 : Technology & Innovation Seminar  
  Keeping up with the latest technologies and innovation remains a key driver for success in the global Textile and Apparel business. With African facing stiff competition from Asia, updating. This seminar showcased some of the success stories as well as perspectives from leading technology and innovative solution providers on latest trends that can support the growth of Africa’s Textile & Clothing industry.

Henri Stetter
Senior Private Sector and Competitiveness Development Expert


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Ashish Agarwal
Kanoria Africa Textiles

Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh
Gerber Technology
Mehdi Mahbub
Readymade Garment (RMG) 

Mr. Ashish Agrawal

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09:30 – 10:00 Seminar 5 : Launch of Competitive Intelligence Platform  
  In the context of the rapid changes in the business environment, organizations need to efficiently manage data and information about their activities and competitors in order to improve their position. Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a way to do so. During this session, ACTIF’s CI platform was formally launched having been developed with the support of ITC to offer a unique service its members across the region.

Belinda Edmonds, ACTIF Director


Mounir Rochdi, CI Expert


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Joseph Nyagari


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13:00 – 14:00

Seminar 6: SheTrades: Facilitating Market Access for Women SMEs


This session gave an overview on our work (ITC) with WBEs in design, provide key inputs from the buyers on market requirements, issues sourcing from small designers and small garment manufacturing. Best practices for replication.


Nicole Pitter Patterson
Senior Officer, Women and Trade Programme
International Trade Centre

Speakers Buyers: Tara Mulhare, International Buyer Expert;  Allana Finley, Kisua Designer: Katungulu Mwendwa, Kenya 


Cotton and Textile Expert:
Kidest Teklu, ITC

Kidest Teklu

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Textile manufacturer:
Lucy Bigham, Tosheke Textile, Kenya


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 14:00 – 15:00 Seminar 7: Project Upscale Small Creatives Round Table

Growing your brand is seldom a smooth road to success, be inspired as small business owners share their stories.

According to UNCTAD, unlocking the potential of the creative economy involves promoting the overall creativity of societies, affirming the distinctive identity of the places where it flourishes and clusters, improving the quality of life where it exists, enhancing local image and prestige and strengthening the resources for imagining diverse new futures.  This was an informal session sharing of experiences and journey to growth by some of the regional and international brands in Africa along with support institutions.

Mark Stephenson


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Amal Mohammed


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Craig Jacobs

Craig Jacobs

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Ebele Udoh, ADM


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Leila Rose
Kameleon Rose


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Project Upscale Winner
15:00 -16:00



 SheTrades session: The Art of Selling with practical exercise - Understanding Your Negotiation Style - Tara Mulhare
This session gave directives on selling, with practical examples from two designers on selling styles, and a practical exercise on negotiation style.  Each company was  required to complete a format for Selling & Negotiating at Trade Shows.
16:00 - 17:30


SheTrades session: Brand identity and awareness: Allana Finley, Kisua
This session was to take the companies enabling them to define their unique brand identity. How to build consumer awareness? How to define their identity to target specific buyers and e-commerce platforms? Each company left with a completed exercise that they were to integrate into their website, company profile and a plan to target specific buyers/e-commerce platforms.