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Mauritius 2017
Africas only Convention for the Cotton, Textile & Apparel Sectors

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Country Profile: Mauritius positions itself as a strategic partner for trade.

Situated in the ‘golden triangle’ connecting Asia, Africa and Australia, Mauritius is the converging point of global nations – a place where one can feel the cosmopolitan pulse of the world. Denoted also as the "star and key" of the Indian Ocean, the small island has been a model as an innovative nation in the Sub-Saharan Africa region where quality has been touted as first rate.  Mauritius has also been ranked first in different indexes, namely:  in the 13th edition of World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report (GITR); in the United Nations e-Government Survey 2016; in the Africa Human Development Report 2016; 2016 Index of Economic Freedom amongst others.

Once dependent on sugar exports, the island has successfully diversified its economy towards a strong outsourcing and financial services sector, and an important tourism industry. Now Mauriitus boasts one of Africas highest per capita incomes. The industrialization evolution has contributed in making the Textile and Apparel industry as one of the key contributor to GDP and has spearheaded the structural transformation of the Mauritian Economy to such an extent that it has acted as the engine of economic growth, attracting FDI from various countries, creating new employment opportunities, uplifting the social strata and strengthening the manufacturing base of the economy.

This achievement has been possible based on our strategy to increase market share in the US and European countries. We further want to penetrate new and emerging markets. Mauritius stands to take more share of the apparel market in Arica which will further boost the economic and social conditions of the country.  

Today, Mauritius is working with world-leading  brands like Calvin Klein, Gap, Mango, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Guess, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Levi’s, amongst others. Mauritius has built over the years a solid world-wide reputation in the export of quality Knitwear, pullovers, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Shirts, Trousers, denim products in a competitive time-line. The Textile and Apparel industry is a flexible sector always adapting to latest smart technologies to be competitive.  Mauritian manufacturers adhere to social and technical compliance norms and standards. We always strive for quality products.


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