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Dar es Salaam 2019
Africa’s only Convention for the Cotton, Textile & Apparel Industries

The Event

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ORIGIN AFRICA is African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation’s (ACTIF) platform to promote African cotton, textile, apparel, fashion and associated industries through ongoing initiatives dedicated to: 

  • Improving trade in and with Africa;
  • Raise awareness of Africa as a place to do business, and, as an increasingly important sourcing destination for international textile, apparel, home décor and accessories products; and
  • Bring the latest technologies, processes and best practices to the attention of African producers

We collaborate with producers across the value chain, from farm to fashion, associated services and industries as well as sectoral, regional and national organizations to provide information about, and increased visibility for, our Members and the African cotton, textile, apparel and fashion sectors.

Talented, skilled and innovative African designers and entrepreneurs create recognition of, and renew pride in, our cultures and heritage. Hard working, predominantly small-holder farmers, produce raw materials in demand across the world, while regional and international investors continue to develop manufacturing and service industries that complete the farmer to fashion pipeline. Bringing these together with the most innovative minds, latest technologies and regional and international buyers facilitates development and advances the development, investment and trade ambitions of the continent’s Governments, Institutions and Private Sectors.

ORIGIN AFRICA facilitates dialogue and presents networking opportunities designed to showcase and promote the cotton, textile and apparel industries of Africa.  We endeavour to bring the disparate needs of the cotton, textile and apparel sectors into cohesive and consensus driven positions at regional and international trade and development forums.


  • Capturing the spirit, style and innovation of modern Africa
  • Raising awareness of Africa’s potential to be the world’s preferred sourcing destination
  • Facilitating dialogue and networking to enhance perceptions about doing business in Africa
  • Promoting regional and international trade
  • Encouraging responsible, sustainable and profitable investment and growth


Trade Fair: 28th - 30th October 2019

Now in its 10th year, and to be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, at Serena Hotel, Origin Africa has established itself as the largest and most comprehensive African Trade Fair for the cotton, textile and apparel industries. Over 200 exhibitors, predominantly from the African continent will present a wide range and significant volume of products to regional and international buyers, investors and others interested in trade with or investment in the continent.

Conference: 28th - 30th October 2019

Within the theme “Enhancing Productivity – The Path to Sustainability Competitiveness” internationally recognized experts will present latest technologies, methodologies and best practices proven to increase competitiveness  and profitability through improved productivity and increased output/yield.

Social Networking

A series of formal and informal social events that will enhance networking opportunities and encourage stronger relationships. A Cocktail and Gala Dinnner on 27th & 30th October Evening respectively.